Naim Selmonaj lives and works in Switzerland. The metal whisperer turned his profession into his passion in 1991 and has been creating unique metal sculptures that are ahead of their time and trends ever since. His curved sculptures appear like a quickly drawn line, bent, twisted, and always dynamically in motion. The artist Naim is as versatile as his art proves complexity. His art makes both indoor and outdoor spaces look unique, elegant, and futuristic. With their sometimes strikingly angular, sometimes smooth and gentle forms, the sculptures blend into the environment and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. 

Naim made his breakthrough with innovative steel sculptures. He places particular emphasis on the materials used: art should delight the eye, promote the viewer's creativity, but also be durable and sustainable. To this end, Naim uses recycled metals, contributing to sustainability. Each of his sculptures can stand alone or be part of a sculpture series. The elements of water, fire, and light are the characteristics that define his sculptures.

His robust art is resistant to time and change, easy to maintain, and can therefore be admired for several generations. With these qualities, Naim wins the hearts of art lovers who have given him the opportunity to exhibit his works at home and abroad, leaving traces there forever. Some of his artworks can be admired in the following places.

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